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Camera on Elevated Mast                                       Ground Shot                                         Elevated Shot                                       Digitally Enhanced


How it's done:

Texas Elevated Photography utilizes a vehicle mounted, 50’ telescoping mast and remote controlled high resolution digital camera to capture unique elevated photographic images.  Once positioned to provide the very best angle, the mast is extended to an optimal height and high resolution pictures are taken while viewing the shot on remote equipment on the ground.  After we photograph your site we digitally edit your elevated photos to showcase your property in the best possible light.  Once you have reviewed and approved your elevated photographs we will send you the final images in the requested format.  


Significantly Less Expensive

Ground based aerial photography is available without the expense of traditional aerial photography, and so is priced significantly lower!  We can customize a package for you based on location, volume and required output, so please call or email us to discuss your specific project.